Energy Converters (from the Energy Converters mod by Xalcon) allow players to convert energy generated by one mod for use in another. Every kind of energy represented in Tekxit can be converted to every other kind.

Every setup requires a Consumer, a Bridge, and a Producer. By way of example, to power a Buildcraft Quarry with Industrialcraft power (EU > MJ), craft an Energy Consumer that matches your EU output (An MFSU will require an HV Energy Consumer, a BatBox requires at least an LV Energy Consumer), an Energy Bridge, and an MJ Energy Producer.

Energy Consumers

Energy Consumers are the first step in the conversion process. They consume whatever energy they are named after and send it to the Bridge for storage. Consumers are crafted by taking any of the Producers below and putting it back into a crafting table. Consumers must be paired with the kind of energy that is being generated.

Energy Bridge

Ingredients Result
Iron-ingot Iron-bars Iron-ingot Result-arrow
Iron-bars Ender-pearl Iron-bars
Iron-ingot Iron-bars Iron-ingot

The Energy Bridge is the middle of any conversion setup. A Consumer takes in energy on one side, and a Producer puts it out the other. Bridges can store 10,000 units of whatever unit they are sending to.

Energy Producers

Energy Producers take energy from the Bridge and convert it to whatever energy they are named after.

FE Producer

Be sure to observe proper voltage requirements when dealing with Industrialcraft's EU. Sending an HV output to an LV Consumer will result in an explosion.

Producer Recipe
FE Producer
Ingredients Result
Stone Iron-ingot Stone Result-arrow
Furnace Redstone-block Gold-ingot
Stone Iron-bars Stone
LV Producer
MV Producer
HV Producer
EV Producer
IV Producer
RF Producer
MJ Producer
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