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The Chococraft 3 mod adds rideable creatures called Chocobos (from the final fantasy series) to the game. Chocobo can appear in different colors, stats, and attributes.

Taming and Leveling

To tame a Chocobo you have to feed it with Gysahl Green. You can farm Gysahl Green by planting Gysahl Green Seeds and harvest it when mature.

You can also use a gysahl green to get Chocobos to breed and procreate, this will get them to lay an egg which must be put into a nest and a Chicobo will hatch. The Chicobo, the juvenile form of a Chocobo, will grow into a Chocobo. Chocobos will be born wild and have to be tamed. Chicobos will inherit the attributes (maybe) and stats (which can increase or decrease) from their parents and mutate into new colors. Dyes can be used on certain Chocobos to color them..

Your tamed Chocobo will gain experience points when you do. However much experience, in points (not levels) you have, the Chocobos also have. After a certain amount of experience, your Chocobo can level up and gain new abilities.


Abilities have slight chance per breed 2%. If you don't like those odds, you can pour your experience into a Chocobo and get the abilities that way. When you use the Chocopedia on a Chocobo, it shows buttons you can push to convert player experience into Chocobo abilities.

  • Flight
    • Press Shift+Spacebar to activate.
  • Water Walk
  • Fast Terrain
  • Lava Immunity


In order to breed Chocobos, use lovely gysahl on male and female tamed Chocobos, they will then lay an egg. If one of the Chocobos you're using to breed has special abilities, the chances are higher to get a Chocobo with same abilities naturally.


Item Recipe Needed Items
Chocobo Saddle
Chocobo Saddle.png
  • Recipe 1
    • 1x Saddle
    • 1x Chocobo Feather
  • Recipe 2
    • 2x String
    • 1x Leather
    • 1x Chocobo Feather
Chocobo Saddle Bag
Chocobo Saddle Bag.png
  • 1x Chocobo Feather
  • 3x Leather
  • 1x Chocobo Saddle
Chocobo Saddle Pack
Chocobo Saddle Pack.png
  • 4x String
  • 2x Wool
  • 1x Chocobo Feather
  • 1x Chocobo Saddle Bag
  • 1x Leather
  • 1x Book
  • 1x Gysahl Green