Chisel is a mod that allows the player to resurface many blocks in the game commonly used for building. This allows the player to create a variety of preset patterns on the face of the block.

There are currently four handheld tools and one machine in the mod:


  • Chisel
  • Diamond Chisel
  • iChisel
  • Ender Offset Wand


  • Auto Chisel


There are multiple ways to use the tools to chisel blocks.

Left Click:

The simplest way is to hold the tool in your hand and left click a block in the world that you want to chisel. This will change the block to the first alternative look, while clicking more times will cycle through all the options.

Right Click:

The most precise way is to hold the tool in your hand and right click which will bring up the Chisel GUI. On this screen, you can drag a block from your inventory to the top left box. All the chisel block options will appear in the upper right section. Simple click on the option you want and move it to your inventory.


Chisel Tool:

Durability of 512

Diamond Chisel Tool:

Durability of 5056

Adds the ability for left-click to change one block, three in a row, three in a column, or nine in a square.

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