Basic Nether Ores is a mod that adds ores in the Nether


Basic Nether Ores spawn vanilla ores in the Nether.  Simply put, this mod extends the ability for the player to mine ores and gems in the Nether giving the Nether new life and meaning.  Copper and Tin ores have been added to the mod for function in other mods.  Spawn rates for Nether Ores are set equal to or higher than their vanilla counterparts to make mining the Nether worthwhile.  Texturing is not overdone making the player pay attention to the surrounding areas to identify Nether Ores.

What benefit does Basic Nether Ores bring over other Nether Ore mods?

  • Basic Nether Ore is a stand-alone mod and does not rely on other APIs or mods.
  • All Ores, Block, and Items are assigned an Ore Dictionary entry to match their vanilla counterpart.
  • Ore Blocks can be smelted to return one ingot like vanilla ores.


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