Animania is a mod that adds plenty of animals and food to the game.


The mod offers a countless amount of animals in mostly 3 different types.

American Yorkshire

American Yorkshire Hog

Pigs: (each in piglet, sow and hog)

Rhode Island Red Rooster

Rhode Island Red Rooster

Chickens : (each in chick, hen and rooster)

Angus Bull

Angus bull

Cows: (each in calf, cow and bull)

Alpine Buck

Alpine Buck

Goats: (each in kid, buck and doe)

Sheeps: (each in lamb, ewe, ram)

And many more.


Animania also adds some new items. For example plenty of new types of Milk, Cheese, Wool and Meat.

Coocked Frog


Some items gives the player special buffs.

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